Physician, Heal Thy Web Presence

March 12, 2009

It seems that for every doctor who twitters and blogs his or her way to an effective web presence and utter transparency,  there are thousands more who are nigh on impossible even to locate online, much less to discover anything substantial about, and from a medical consumer’s standpoint, that can be very frustrating, indeed. 


This week, AxisPortals has been in full-on mom mode, tending to a child who zipped right from rosy good health to the chest racking coughs of acute bronchitis without even pausing to develop a measurable fever along the way.  Like many consumers, AxisPortals started with Google to track down the relevant doctor’s contact information.  Much to her surprise, AxisPortals (whose web search skills are pretty highly honed) came up almost totally empty handed. Thanks to ubiquitous online phone books and physician directories, finding the office phone number was no problem.  (However, one of the two locations has long since been closed.  I knew that, but what about the patients who didn’t?) Still,  where was the website?  And wasn’t it, after all, somewhat troubling to discover that this excellent pediatrician’s entry in the local hospital’s “Find a Physician” search tool hadn’t been updated in over four years?  In internet time, that counts as eons.


So, while administering the rapidly healing kiddo’s nebulizer treatments, AxisPortals got to thinking like the combination of a mom and web designer that she is, and came up with the following physician practice web site checklist.   These simple things would breathe new life into any doctor’s web presence:  



When AxisPortals is in either mom mode or patient mode and goes searching for physician information, those are some of the things she expects to find. 


How about you?  What are some of the qualities and features that would make a doctor’s web presence most effective from your perspective?  

AxisPortals Aphorism:  A Healthy Physician Web Presence Makes for A Confident and Informed Consumer