Technology in 2009: Other People’s Resolutions

December 29, 2008


Remember when New Year’s resolutions always had to do with dropping a few pounds, jogging, or blowing the dust of the exercise bike?  

No more.

Technology plays such a large role in our personal and corporate identities now that the “tech resolution” is widespread. 

Here are few worth pondering, borrowing, or recognizing with a wry grin.

  1. Law Technology News:  A great collection of lawyers’ personal and professional technology goals.  Favorite excerpt:  “To work hard to use technology to maximize the quality of my life.”  Amen. 
  2. CIO Resolutions:   Practical advice for decision makers.  Best of the bunch:  “Manage people as well as tech.” 
  3. DataMotion’s Resolutions for CIO’s:  More practical advice. “Get ahead of the curve and implement efficient technologies that empower your employees to work remotely and securely” gets AxisPortals “that’s my favorite” vote .  Yes.  It’s far past time for all of us to embrace the ROWE!
  4. Spark Readers’ Resolutions:  Off-the-cuff contributions from blog readers.  Spending less time with technology is a common theme, here.  AxisPortals can relate, but thinks “spending technology time more wisely” is a better approach.  Still, if you aren’t sure what that big orange thing in the sky might be, or you find yourself texting your family members while you’re all in the same house, it might be time to holster the cell phone, drop the mouse, and back slowly away from your laptop.

AxisPortals Aphorism:  You should be able to access your tech at the pool or at the beach, but sometimes often it’s healthier to unplug and dive into the pool or walk barefoot along the shore, savoring the moment.



Technology in 2009: Resolution Number 4

December 29, 2008


Sometimes, we all lean just a little too hard on our computers, relying on them to function flawlessly no matter how hard we use them.  Usually, this works out just fine, but every now and then, things do fall spectacularly apart.  This year, make it a priority to back up your crucial documents.  There’s nothing worse than losing that one precious, irreplaceable picture, or trying to rewrite a long and complicated report from scratch.   With a solid backup to turn to in emergencies, you’ll always have peace of mind. 

Carbonite, Symantec, and others offer inexpensive online backup packages that are worth exploring for personal documents.  For SMB corporate documents, consider exploring online office and document portal solutions that include automatic backup programs.

AxisPortals Aphorism:  Lean on Backups

Technology in 2009: Resolution Number 3

December 29, 2008

Take advantage of free online opportunities to learn, and to share what you’ve learned with others.  CommonCraft’s series of “In Plain English” videos are a particularly terrific example of granular, just-in-time learning in action.  The videos are clear, clever, and brief.  They make learning  both accessible and fun.  Here’s one example.

AxisPortals Aphorism:  Click and learn

Lifelong learning is literally at your fingertips! 

Technology In 2009: Resolution Number One

December 26, 2008


The first of AxisPortals’  technology oriented resolutions for the New Year is a very early Valentine for the Small to Medium Business.


Resolution One:  SMB’s understand that technology plays an increasingly central role in the success of their business, but too often aren’t sure exactly which resources they need.  This can lead to both technological and economic vulnerability.  If you want to avoid becoming the proud new owner of an enormous (and enormously expensive) new dedicated server whose power your company requires only the tiniest fraction of, then embrace and celebrate your SMB-ness.  This entails recognizing that the best technology solution for you should both meet your current needs and have the capacity to grow and evolve along with your business.  Conversely, this also entails recognizing that you should not purchase resources that you do not need, that you are not likely to need in the foreseeable future, and that will only confuse and complicate your work processes and procedures.   You’ve lovingly built your company.  You work hard to service your clients, support your employees, and turn a healthy profit.  Don’t let IT vulnerability compromise your success.  When you are looking for IT services of any sort–website design, website hosting, email management,  document sharing, database deployment, etc.–be sure to gather many quotes and proposals.  Compare these carefully.  Don’t forget to  ask plenty of questions, and to request examples and hands-on demos whenever possible.  Be sure to include maintenance and support costs in your projected expenditures.  Seek out input from from your partners and employees so that your technology needs are clear, and draw upon the wisdom of colleagues who are particularly knowledgeable and experienced in this sphere.    Most importantly, keep in mind that excellent and affordable technological resources are available for the SMB.  

AxisPortals Aphorism:  Embrace Your SMB-ness