January 8, 2009

Today, AxisPortals has spent some time growing familiar with and fond of a new tool/toy. (All of the best tools are also toys, and vice versa–just ask any iPhone owner!)

The Bamboo Tablet  definitely counts as both an absorbing toy and truly useful tool.   Anyone who has ever tried to draw or to retouch photos with a clunky and uncooperative mouse will immediately appreciate how nimble this digital pen and pad are by comparison.  Plus, Bamboo makes it easy to capture handwriting in a variety of programs, so quick and personal handwritten comments, annotations, illustrations, and highlights can be incoporated into all sorts of documents, from slide shows to email posts.

AxisPortals will continue to explore the exciting possibilities.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick taste of the kind of custom illustration that this powerful little tool (which doubles as a  nifty little toy) turns into a breeze to make.

AxisPortals Aphorism:  Children tend to learn with joyful abandon.  Their classrooms tend to be filled with toys.  Coincidence?  AxisPortals thinks not.