Technology in 2009: Resolution Schmesolution


Try not to be deadly serious about all things technological.  Play, as noted earlier, is the best way to learn.  Besides, play is fun, and people who are always up to their eyeballs in making smart technological decisions really need some healthy play to keep their lives in balance.

AxisPortals realizes that some folks just can’t stand not having a real goal or task, though, so here’s the “resolution schmesolution” assigment:  make a Wordle


A wordle can actually be a very good brainstorming and planning tool, as well, so this is play with a purpose.  No guilt allowed.  Besides, if you’re the competitive sort, you’ll not want to be the only one left in the whole wide world who hasn’t yet created at least one wordle. 

AxisPortals Aphorism:  Play is its own reward.



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